What Nemo bookkeeping can do for you...


Receipts, invoicing, data entry, filing - we can do your daily, weekly or monthly bookkeeping tasks. Saving you time so that you can be doing what you do best!


Weekly, fortnightly or monthly payroll - we can do it all. New starters, leavers, payslips, deductions, commission payments, tax codes, RTI submissions to HMRC and P60s. Let us take the headache of payroll away. 


We can reconcile your bank accounts, credit card, Paypal, sales and purchase accounts - so you don't need to worry!


The dreaded VAT Return. We love them! We can produce your VAT Return and submit to HMRC for you - the only thing we won't do is pay the VAT bill - Sorry!

Management Reports

We can provide Management reports on a regular basis so you that you can see how well your business is doing (or if you could make improvements).

Year End Accounts

We can produce your accounts to Trial Balance stage ready for your accountant to take over and file for year end. Or we can recommend one of our local accountants that we trust to look after your accounts, just as well as we would.

Self Assessment

Whether you are an individual that is Self Employed, a Company Director or you earn a significant income you are required by law to carry out a personal Self Assessment of your tax liability. A daunting task for some, but not for us!

Credit Control

We can provide regular Debtor and Creditor reports to keep you up to date with who you owe and who owes you. 

Construction Industry Scheme

Subcontractors - let us help you with verification, payments, submitting your CIS returns to HMRC on time and all the paperwork in between! 


Auto enrolment, pension deductions and submissions. We cannot give you pension advice but we can tell you who can! Once you have chosen the best pension scheme for you we can do the rest.

Bank Payments

We can even set up banking payments for wages and suppliers on your behalf. See just how much time we can save you!

Size doesn't matter to us...

Whether you are a Sole Trader, a Limited Company or somewhere in between, we would love to get to know you and your business. We can help you to catch up if you have let the bookkeeping slip (because you've had more important things to do) or just free up some of your time even if you are super organised. We are happy to discuss your needs at a time that suits you. 


It can be confusing to know the difference between a bookkeeper and an accountant. Check out our guide below to help you figure it out...


Bookkeepers literally 'keep the books' by recording the day to day transactions of the business 

A Bookkeeper ...

is responsible for processing the financial transactions of a business, for example paying bills, creating Invoices, inputting purchase invoices, bank account reconciliation etc. The main focus is on recording accurate and complete figures with less emphasis on analysis.  A bookkeeper will work on your books daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly

An Accountant...

is responsible for interpreting, classifying, analysing, reporting and summarising financial data. An Accountant builds on the financial information provided by the bookkeeper and will apply additional financial analysis to the records. The Accountant will generally work at less frequent intervals, for example to work on annual accounts. They could also be involved in more specialist projects at certain times; for example, to work on a business plan a or cash flow forecast. An accountant is more likely to give advice, guidance and assistance on financial affairs.